Tumblr Awarded Golden Frisbee



Tumblr CEO David Karp (center) with DFJ Growth Managing Directors Barry Schuler (left) and Randy Glein (right).

Congratulations to Tumblr, our newest addition to the DFJ Ultimate Club. Tumblr’s CEO David Karp accepted our 22nd Golden Frisbee, which honors companies that have achieved $1…

High-res Investment cast lead crystal skulls from 3D Print. 3D Design Joshua Harker. Glass production Brian Federal
Very nice.

Investment cast lead crystal skulls from 3D Print. 3D Design Joshua Harker. Glass production Brian Federal

Very nice.

Multiple disruptions. Tesla disrupting Automotive. Inexpensive computer tools disrupting production of high quality content. Viral distribution disrupting the purchase of expensive media.

Undisruptable: Imagination.

The Journalism of Speculation


The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Air Flight 370 is tragic at many levels. It is impossible to comprehend the pain of the families waiting to hear the fate of their loved ones.  I just hope they aren’t watching any of the US news cable networks.

In modern media the lines between news, commentary, speculation (educated or otherwise) and pure rumor mongering are very blurred. In fact, speculation has become a genre in and of itself.

When there is no news to report, today’s journalistic playbook is to invent it.  Think about our election cycles. Panels of experts and prognosticators dissect every word a candidate utters and analyze pollsters’ spew until headlines are magically fabricated. But that all mercifully ends on election day. Same playbook with high-visibility trials like Trayvon Martin.

Now we have the mother of of all news events. An unprecedented mystery with scant facts to report- a veritable information vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and in this case it seems the void is being filled with caca.

Since there is no crash site, no real answers, and very little to talk about, CNN is programming “theater of the what if?”  Experts are paraded through to opine on what it may be. An expert on catastrophic failure. A terrorism maven. Pilot after pilot. A string of utterly inane questions that begin with “do you think it is possible that…?” 

The latest speculation brings the notion that the plane may have been in the air for seven hours after loss of contact. This has led to the further speculation that the plane may have actually landed somewhere. Or been forced to. “Do you think that is possible?” asks Erin Burnett?

“It’s possible. not probable” answers an aviation analyst. And with that answer the line of questioning drifts toward the plane being forcibly landed and all of the passengers are hostages. Possible…not probable.

Next up? Is there a mysterious island with a supernatural force that brought that plane down? Writer/Producer J.J. Abrams here to discuss the possibility.